There’s a celebration here in Japan when kids are in their 7th (shichi), 5th (go) or 3rd (san) year, where they get dressed up in kimonos and visit the temple and are given sweets. Since Evan is in his 5th year (he’s 4 years old) and Lauren is in her 3rd year (she’s 2), this fit very well, with both of the kids celebrating.

Well we decided to get some photos done of the kids, and since we don’t own kimono, we found a photography place that lets them wear one (they’re quite common actually – these photography places). We had been “training” the kids on the experience for a while, since the last thing we wanted was Evan stubbornly refusing to wear the outfit. We spoke to him about how he was going to get a nice costume like the samurai used to wear and if he was good, he could hold the sword (he loves swords).

Well when we went to the studio, all went pretty well. The kids got dressed by the people in the studio and Evan looked so handsome! He really was sweet. He had the kimono on and got to hold a fan and for a picture, he was able to hold a sword! Then Lauren came out and she was gorgeous. They gave her a bit of lipstick which I thought was really gross (little kids shouldn’t wear lipstick – see here on why I really don’t like it on children) and slicked her hair a bit which wasn’t so nice, but she was so cute in the kimono.

Anyways, the photo-taking was only around 30 minutes or so – long enough for Evan to start to get really bothersome and naughty. We promised him he could have a toy after the shoot if he was good and he was naughty enough to lose the toy, which made him cry so much afterwards.

We should be getting the photos back in around 2 weeks. We’ve also heard that after 1 year, we should get the negatives for free. Nice!

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