Month: February 2012

  • Principal’s award

    Evan was very chuffed to come home with the Principal’s award for outstanding performance. His school work has been pretty consistent and he’s done well in school supporting the study body etc. so he was rewarded for it. He was really happy!

  • Lost first bottom molar

    Evan lost his first lower molar yesterday. It had been loose along with his canine on the same side but the molar came out first. It was pretty loose and Evan wanted it out, so he asked me to give it a pull. It came out pretty easily and the tooth fairy came that night […]

  • School leader and road patrol

    This year Evan was put into the school leader team, which sounds better than it is, but it is a good responsibility for him. He’s responsible for cleaning up the sports balls, ringing the bell and a few other things. He’s also taken on the road patrol, which means he has to patrol the crossing […]