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9th birthday

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Evan had his 9th birthday on the weekend and he had a good time with his friends. Despite being new in the school, he managed to gather 6 or so friends for his party. We started his party out at our house with some food and then we headed out to laser-tag.

The kids had a great time playing laser-tag. The “Hoflich team” was a single team against everybody else. People have markers on their body – around 6 or so, and if someone “shoots” that marker, they go “time-out” for a short time, when they can no longer shoot people. The arena was quite large – around 3 levels of playing, mostly in the dark with florescent lights around. There is also a “base” which you need to protect, or capture the other teams’ base.

Lots of really great pictures of the kids:

Evan's 9th Birthday

Heading home for more food and the cake. Evan wanted a “Smiggle” cake, which is his favourite shop these days:

From Evan's 9th Birthday

Overall, a great day for everybody!