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Player of the week

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Evan got the player of the week from the after-school sports club. He was really happy with it and got a “medal” to hang on the wall!

Evan’s eye test

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Evan had an eye test through the school and he told us afterwards that his left eye isn’t as good as his right eye, but that he was ok.

When we got the report from the school, the eye test came back saying he needs glasses for both eyes! We were a bit shocked, since we didn’t really expect that. Also on the random eye tests we did, he seemed to be ok with his sight. So I was a bit skeptical.

We took him to the optometrist and got his eyes checked properly and it turns out his eyes are fine. I was very relieved, since I imagined Evan being burdened with glasses like I am.

His eyesight came out to:

– fine in right eye
– 0.5 in the left eye

The 0.5 isn’t so good, but it’s still acceptable I think. We’ll have another test in 6 months or so, just to see if anything has gotten worse.

The doctor asked if he reads a lot, or plays a lot of video games. Evan’s not such a big reader actually, and we try to limit his video-game intake, so he’s not in front of the screen so much.

The doctor also recommended some vitamin supplements (omega-3), so we’ve now bought that and he’s taking it every day. That will hopefully strengthen the eyes. Actually, all of us are now taking the same supplements, since I reckon it’s good for everybody.

Evan’s football MVP

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Evan got the Most Valuable Player award this weekend in football! He played really well and took the ball forward really well a few times. Evan’s always done a good job passing to others and this time did a great job too – the previous game, they scored the goal on Evan’s assist.

From Football MVP

The team won 1-0 over the other team and I felt the other team was really good, so it was a good win for us!