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Monday, March 31st, 2008

Evan’s reading is coming along very nicely now. Tonight he picked up the “I spy Christmas” book and he read it from cover to cover. We still do need to help at times, but he’s very good already!

Trading pokemon cards

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Evan started trading some of his pokemon cards with Andreas and he was so excited about it.

Cherry blossoms

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

It’s cherry blossom time again in Japan and we’ve had a nice run of good weather where we could see the cherry blossoms. We took Akeel and Atool out on the bikes with Evan’s new bike and we saw some great sakura. The trees on Honmoku-dori seem to have blossomed early while the other ones around are still coming out.


This weekend would have been a popular weekend for Ohanami but we were busy on the Saturday and the Sunday wasn’t very flash weather.

Yesterday during our lunch outside we were visited by a local racoon. Tanuki is the Japanese name for racoon and we fed it some of the apple scaps that we were going to throw away. Nicole was nervous about feeding it, fearing that it would come back and make a mess of things. That and something about “what if he gets mad?”. :)



Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Evan’s swimming is really improving and today for the first time he was able to swim the length of the pool all by himself! In the past, he could only make it to 2 or 3 of the 4 lines that are on the bottom of the pool but this time he made it all the way by himself! In fact, he did it twice because he did it when Nicole was with him too! Amazing!

Lauren’s still doing excellent on the flutter-board and can get around the entire pool on it without anybody’s help. I’m often finding myself drifting away from her when she’s on the board because she’s so confident, but when I think about it, if she somehow came off the board, she’d be in deep trouble. Anyways, she’s doing well with her kicking and strokes, so no need to worry about her progress!

Pokemon purchases

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Evan got quite a bit of money from our friends (thanks Pauline and Willy and Tante Sarah!) for his birthday and he decided to spend it all on some Pokemon cards. He ended up buying something like 3800 yen ($38 CDN) on cards, books, some figurines and other Pokemon related things. Crazy! He really loves it though and when I came home from work he was overjoyed to show me his 132 pokemon cards and other oddments that he bought. I wasn’t so happy to hear that he blew all his birthday money on those things but he really loves it and he did get the money to spend as he chose to. We’ll work on he spending control next… :)

Evan’s 6th birthday

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Evan had his 6th birthday this week and we had some fun times! I couldn’t take his birthday off due to some important meetings, but I did get to spend some of the early morning with him while he opened his presents and got ready for his day.

The big present was a new bike that he’d wanted for some time now. He’s outgrown his other bike and was ready for a new one, so we bought him one, with the help of some money from Oma and Opa.

We had a few more presents for him to open, which he did quickly in the morning. Then I had to go to work and I got home early enough in the evening to be able to see him off to bed. So it was a good day for me being able to spend some time with him.

During the day, Nicole took the kids to Nogeyama zoo in the city. There’s a petting zoo there too and the kids had a great time with the mice and the guinnea pigs.

That evening Nicole baked a cake and decorated it with a Transformers picture. Check out the pictures on the web site.

The next day (Thursday) I was able to get off and so we had his birthday part on that day. We had a Transformers theme birthday party since Evan really enjoys Transformers now. We had crafts to start off with and we had pass the parcel but apart from that and eating, we mucked about playing soccer, hide-and-seek and other fun games in and outside the house.

The weather was excellent for the party and so we had most of the party outside. The cake was served outside and everybody enjoyed the transformers cake that Nicole had made and NZ ice-cream.

Akeel and Atul stayed with us the whole day and at the end of the day they relaxed watching some Transformers. We broke out the flourescent lights and turned the lights out to watch them glow.

In all, Evan and Lauren were knackered from the day, but I think they had a good time. I really enjoyed myself and it was a rare treat taking a day off work.

Evan writing

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Evan’s been trying to write all on his own these days without the help of anybody. We went to visit him in school today (today was a holiday for me, but not for the kids) and we saw a notebook that he had been writing in. They are studying how tadpoles turn into frogs and they have a bunch over very small tadpole eggs which are slowly hatching. In his book, Evan wrote:


It’s very remarkable that he’s writing this all on his own and probably (maybe except for “THEY”) didn’t check with the teacher.

We also spoke to the teacher today about Evan and she said she’s noticed a big change in him in that he’ll push himself in quite a variety of areas, such as independently going to the books and writing things down, writing numbers on the board and calculating them. All this without the request from the teacher to do it. So she was very glowing about Evan’s work recently.

The other day I taught Evan how to add up numbers on a paper. I made it rather easy, but I taught him how to add the lines and how to carry a digit (for instance 1 in the ten’s column). He really enjoyed that. So we did samples such as:

+ 4



+ 29103732

we’re very proud of him! He was so amazed when he could add up 2 numbers which would be in the billions! :)

Lost tooth #5

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Well Evan lost tooth #5 tonight, which is good because I’m on a business trip from tomorrow morning. It had been very loose for some time now and the other day it bled a bit (probably broke one of the veins to the tooth). It was pretty well just being held on by skin, so I’m pleased it came out while I was still here. We’ll have to see how the tooth-fairy handles this one – I have a feeling there’ll be a bit more to it this time.

Evan was mucking about on my back, when Andreas also jumped on. Not sure what happened, but something must have knocked it, and Evan yelled “My tooth! It came out!”. We all clapped for him and I think he wasn’t sure whether he should cry or be happy because everybody else was happy. But he was complaining about the tooth and that he didn’t want to lose it.


Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Nicole and Evan had a strange conversation the other day:

Evan: Matthew and I kissed today on the lips.

Nicole: Why?

Evan: Just to see what it was like.

Nicole: And?

Evan: It was nice.

Nicole: Gonna do it again?

Evan: Probably not.

We have a book called “Hugs and kisses” where a little dog called “Hugs” goes around getting kisses from different animals to see what it’s like. The “Just to see what it was like” sounds like it came from the book, so perhaps it was just a silly game or something, inspired by the book. Nevertheless, quite a funny story…