Month: January 2008

  • Tooth #4

    Evan lost tooth number 4 tonight. Left lateral incisor to be exact. It’s a bit funny, because he has his right central incisor still, so it looks a bit funny. I guess that will come next, then the other lateral incisors. This one bled quite a bit actually, the poor guy. He cried quite a […]

  • Kawai Lauren

    Mummy was complementing Lauren on her nice hair when she said “Kawai, ne” (cute, isn’t she?). Evan said: “Not really. She’s only cute when she’s in the shower.” Mummy: “Why?” Evan: “Then she’s all clean and her hair is out of her face.” We can’t quite figure that one out.

  • Evan’s tooth

    Evan’s just about losing his other tooth on the bottom. I brushed it a bit too vigourously tonight and he didn’t like it and it’s very loose now. A bit of blood from the tooth means maybe one of the veins (arteries) broke when I brushed. Evan was out of sorts tonight when it happened […]