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Easter egg hunt

Monday, March 28th, 2005

We had an easter egg hunt this Sunday for Evan in our house. He was really into it, and marched around in glee looking for the hidden chocolate eggs we had hidden downstairs. He found all the eggs and then also went upstairs to eat them! We only let him eat a few, but he was pretty wired for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, I took Evan out to Lloyd Elsmore Park to try out his new bike. When we got there, there were TV cameras all around the hockey park. We rode over to the hockey arena and sure enough, NZ were playing Malaysia in field hockey. $10 would get us in, and Evan would have been free. It would have been a long afternoon for us, but it would have been fun!

Birthday boy!

Monday, March 28th, 2005

Evan had his birthday party today and he was really geared up for it! He knew he was getting presents, and knew his friends were coming, and he knew that there were going to be lots of toys to play with.

We rented a hall in a church, not too far from where we are here. It’s mostly indoors, but we put up a fence which stops the kids from pulling a runner on us. There is a kitchen and a large play area, and one of the best things is that they have a large number of toys that the kids can play with.

We made a birthday banner for Evan (happy 3rd birthday Evan), and blew up lots of balloons for him. We played music and baked a cake for him. We had about 15 kids turn up, which was just right for the size of the room. It rained a bit during the party, but was sunny for most of it.

We baked a cake and put icing on it in the shape of a cement mixer. Evan really wanted it and we modeled it on the cement mixer on Evan’s bedsheets. Matt the Mixer. It was a bit different than the original, but in a good way. Evan was thoroughly into blowing out candles in the last few days, and we practiced a few times at home. He had 3 little candles for the cake. There should be a photo of it on the homepage, whenever I find the time to upload it.

We got all the kids into the kitchen for the food and we had put out mini chairs for the kids to sit at the mini table. It was quite cute really, all the kids sitting there. They were very well behaved and nobody made any spills!

The first attempt to blow out the candles were met with little Aiden blowing the candles out for Evan. Evan wasn’t too fussed and we re-lit the candles and he blew them out. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and he was a bit shy, but did really well.

We had ice-cream and cake, and quite a few kids only ate the icing off the cake. After that, we could play some more with the toys, and now that the kids had lots of sugar in their veins, they were able to go nuts again.

We closed up shop around 2pm and we hadn’t even opened any of the pressies from the kids. Every kids was sent home with a goodie bag that had lots of fun things like a spinning top, some stickers and of course lollies.

When we got home, we unpacked and Evan was very good about not opening up the pressies until we were ready. A remarkable amount of self-control not to tear into the presents.

We got lots of things from the friends, including clothes, Bob toys, a Bob card game, a Shrek 2 clock, a construction site and a police hat. All very cool stuff.

Lauren did awesome the whole time we played and worked. She had 2 regular sleeps and had a bit of trouble falling asleep tonight. Evan was asleep within the minute of putting him down!


Monday, March 28th, 2005

Evan had a jelly bean put aside for dessert and after he finished it, I asked him whether he wanted mine. He said “I don’t want your jelly bean Daddy, there are more in that bowl.”

Good helper

Saturday, March 26th, 2005

I like to comment on when Evan’s helping very well, but tonight in front of the barbeque, Evan said to me:

“Daddy, you’re a good helper.”

I’m flattered.


Saturday, March 26th, 2005

Well Evan had a fun birthday. He woke up at a normal time (7am) and we mucked about in bed, reading stories and the like until nearly 8am, giving Nicole a bit more time to relax. Nicole had to get up to take care of Lauren at 5:30 and she stayed downstairs in her room.

Nicole and Evan cooked eggs and bacon (Evan loves cooking bacon!) and then we webcammed and opened Evan’s presents. He got some great stuff from Grandma, including a stuffed donkey from Shrek and some cool Bob the builder socks!

The big present for Evan was a bicycle with training wheels. He loved it! He picked it out himself and loves riding it.

Then we went to the zoo, where Evan was very good with interacting with the animals. He says his favourite animals were the giraffes, but I think he quite liked the lions and the hippos. We saw the feeding of the main hippo, and got some close-ups of his teeth! Wow!

On the way out, we had a popsicle and Evan went down the slide a couple of times. He was so tired on the way home, that he fell asleep in the car!

At home, we fired up the barbeque and Evan loved that! We cooked up some sausages, potatoes, chicken, onion and some garlic bread! Yum!

Quite a busy day today, and on the whole, Evan really enjoyed himself. He knows that on Monday he’s got a big birthday party, so he’s getting psyched for that!


Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Nicole was looking at a magazine and Evan jumped over to her and said “Any bellybuttons in there?” Evan likes looking at models with an exposed waist.

Aua tummy

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

“Mummy got aua tummy”
“I ate too much. More rice please.”

Taking photos

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

“So Evan, how’s the girlfriend?”
“What’s she up to these days?”
“Taking photos.”
“Taking photos of what?”
“Of barbeques.”

(it’s a match made in heaven)


Sunday, March 13th, 2005

“So Evan, how’s the girlfriend?”
“What’s she up to these days?”


Sunday, March 13th, 2005

“So Evan, how’s the girlfriend?”
“What’s she up to these days?”