Month: September 2004

  • Monkey-boy

    Evan likes to call himself monkey-boy, which is what I usually call him when I first get home from work. I think it’s because he acts like a big monkey when I get home. He’ll do silly things like kick his head back and scream loudly, or spin around, or jump on the furniture. I […]

  • Welcome to Evan’s blog

    Welcome to Evan’s blog. I’ve decided it’s high time Evan had his own blog. This way, we can quickly and easily tell you about how Evan’s developing, and maybe someday he can pick this up on his own to share his thoughts.

  • Welcome to the Evan blog

    Hi everybody, well, I finally decided to get Evan a blog. This way, Nicole or I can post information on Evan’s development easily and quickly. Cheers, Ralph